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espionage, Grace Lampley, gestapo, double agent, female heroine, post WWII France, female secret agent

Abundant Grace
Book 5 of The Grace Sextet by Weldon B. Durham

As WWII comes to an end, Grace Lampley returns to her beloved farmhouse in the south of France, only to learn that her work as an undercover agent has led to the physical devastation of her home and the surrounding countryside, leaving her life and future in shambles: mistrusted as a suspected collaborator, disliked and resented as a manipulative and greedy femme fatale, and targeted as a former OSS operative. Struggling to rebuild and find a place for herself in this new reality―with a former lover (an escaped POW) at her side, Grace has to somehow learn to navigate the Cold War turmoil that permeates every aspect of her new life.

Her determination has been tested before, and she has persevered, time and time again... but at what point do the reserves run dry? At what point is it simply too much to take?

Abundant Grace is the fifth installment of The Grace Sextet.

Born in western Oklahoma during the winter's worst blizzard, Weldon B. Durham―a Vietnam-era Navy veteran―has lived a life that was never lacking in drama. An actor, director, and playwright, he is also the author and editor of research books and monographs on theatre history. Educated in Oklahoma, Hawaii, California, and Iowa, and having enjoyed a thirty-three-year career in higher education, Weldon now lives with his two dogs in Athens, Georgia, in a cedar bungalow surrounded by pine trees. His two daughters, son-in-law, and five grandchildren live nearby.


Weldon B. Durham

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