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Number Symbolism, Homelessness, Apocalypse, Immigration, Family, Venezuela, Mental Health

King of Kings & 2012
by Mariano Padron Agudelo

The book is about the life of King Mariano,,How Government using the wrong numbers divides the Family,,& takes King Mariano for a live on the streets of Canada,,With out being allowed shelter or Sleep & finally taken to a mental health hospital,,All ordered by government highest oficials & enforced by polices & ambulances & Doctors & Lawyers & Judges,,All at the same time Nature & the atmosphere which is alive Telling the king that he was royalty & that the family no together is 2012,,Now the King embarks for a road to knowledge that takes him to the orders of the Founders of Americas,,& how they knew about it all,,& the discovery of how 2012 works,,The Mayas & the founders are just the messangers of the Egyptian Pharos,,

I have over 60 views on my group King of Kings,,Inserts about the book on my facebook page,,As a preview of the book coming up for sale,,People find the knowledge interesting,,Some others think is all crazy,,

I was Borned in Caracas Venezuela,,In August 21, 1960,,Spend must of my childhood in Valencia, Venezuela,,Prior to coming to Canada to do my College Studies,,I have a College diploma in Business Administration,,Majoring in Industrial Management,,I got my first job working for The Biway Stores a clothing disscount store base in Ontario,Canada,,I was the assistant manager,,I left The Biway Stores when I purchase my own grocery store in Maxville,Ontario,Canada,,I owned 5 Properties in the area of Cornwall, Ontario,Canada by the time I was 35 years old,,Presently I work part time as a janitor of the building were I reside in Montreal,Quebec,Canada,,I speak English & Castellano(Spanish) Fluently,,


Mariano Padron Agudelo
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