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Mysticism, atheism, short fiction, east meets west, multiculturalism, business, classical music

East or West
A collection of twenty-two eclectic stories by Sudhir Jain

East or West is a worldly, eclectic collection of linked short fiction. In these pages are stories that explore themes like the clash of cultures of east and west, the small instances that shape great lives, starting over, and more.

A new holy site arises in the east: an ashram . . . for atheists, but is it all that it seems? A young British girl struggles against her new boyfriend’s fundamentalist religious culture. A musician in the 1800s strives to gain recognition while under the shadow of one of the greatest composers of all time. A business tycoon has one last chance at happiness after his hubris has cost him his fortune. A debut author seeks success at a local book fair. A young executive tries to close a deal that could save her struggling company.

East or West contains more than twenty stories that radiate intelligence, pathos, and humour in a reading experience for all ages.

Sudhir Jain gives us 22 clever short stories laced with sly humour as well as more serious undertones. Although each story is an independent work there are some common themes. He represents the psychological struggle between East Indian and Western cultural values in every day life whether it be religious belief or personal challenge. He also presents us with stories that are filled with intrigue and are a reflection on human nature to get ahead no matter the cost. Finally, he gives us a few stories of fictional history related to some of the great classical composers, no doubt an area of special interest and expert knowledge. Overall an entertaining read that will make readers reflect on the twists and turns of their own experience.

Robert van Mastrigt, Ph.D., Psychologist

Sudhir Jain has once again used his versatile writing skills to produce a charming collection of short stories in which the reader can enjoy humour, philosophy, and a rich variety of memorable

characters who face the intriguing patterns of their lives.

Brigid Stewart, Educator.

Sudhir Jain, acclaimed author of the novel "The Princess of Aminabad" has given us a splendid collection of short stories. Full of witty observations of human foibles, they intrigue, surprise and delight.

Liz Fricke, Literature afficianado.

Sudhir Jain is a retired oil industry consultant. Born and brought up in India, he has lived and worked for extended periods in England, Libya, the United States and Canada. In his previous profession, he published more than forty technical papers and won national and international awards. He has been passionate about literature and classical music since early teens. In addition to four books, stories and essays, several hundreds of his Letters to the Editor have been published in the North American newspapers and magazines. He lives in Calgary with his wife of fifty one years.


Sudhir Jain

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