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  • 420 pages
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  • 978-1-5255-0385-6 Hardcover
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Personal memoir of a Canadian woman, Overcoming obstacles and abuse, Survivor story, Never giving up, Surviving trauma, Autobiographical story, Life, loss, and love

Through My Eyes
by Ellie O'Malley

Ellie grew up on a dirt farm in Ontario with only brothers, no sisters.

She had five children by the time she was twenty one and a drunken husband who she ran away from. She took her children west as far as the road would go, and went from waiting tables, to slinging drinks, then on to nursing. Eventually driving trucks for better money. Her children now numbered seven. Men were her down fall, most of them wanted her children more than her. With trucking she was in a mans' world in a time when it was not acceptable, but with perseverance and just plain bull headedness she made her mark.

Finding the pit falls and how she came over them, and still kept her seven children together under one roof on her own.

This is my first book: based on a true story. I started it many years ago on the advice of a shrink to help deal with the depression and the guilt that I carry with me each day. I found that to be nothing but bullshit. It only brought back things better left behind. I didn't enjoy writing it; it was like tearing open so many unforgivable things long buried. Shrinks; in my opinion are not normal. They are book smart and people stupid. Yet, I thought it might help some one else in the same shoes.

Now I know why people hide in Alzheimers; it's the only way to escape.


Ellie O'Malley

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