FriesenPress signs exclusive deal for “The Chilton Method,” taught by David Chilton of The Wealthy Barber and Dragons’ Den fame.

Canada’s largest publishing services company expands mission to turn writers into expert book marketers.

Why "The Chilton Method"? Watch this video and find out!

(Victoria, BC) – April 3, 2018 - FriesenPress, Canada’s largest publishing services company, has signed an exclusive deal for “The Chilton Method”—a 17 hour video marketing course by Canada’s David Chilton (mega-bestselling author of “The Wealthy Barber” and beloved cast member of CBC’s “Dragons’ Den”).

“The Chilton Method” video series is a masterclass in book marketing. Over the course of 175 videos — totalling more than 17 hours — Dave Chilton details the marketing strategies that helped him sell millions of his books, and millions more for his clients and business partners.

“In today’s competitive publishing landscape, authors need fresh, effective ideas,” says Chilton. “The course was designed to help authors make great decisions throughout the development of their book — from concept to production to marketing and promotion.”

David Chilton, bestselling author of The Wealthy Barber, Dragons' Den cast member, and host of The Chilton Method

FriesenPress President, Tammara Kennelly, agrees. “Our company has always been about ensuring our authors publish the best book possible. ‘The Chilton Method’ is a fantastic tool to help writers understand not just the ingredients for a solid book, but also how to turn that book into a sales success. It’s no wonder so many traditional publishers, from Penguin-Random House to Simon & Schuster and Reader’s Digest, have asked Dave to teach them his strategies about how to sell books effectively. Simply put, his ideas work.”

As “Dragon’s Den” viewers know, Dave has a way of reaching people with entertaining, easy-to-understand information. He’s a great storyteller and a wonderful teacher. Most importantly, he empowers authors with ideas and information the vast majority of writers and even professional publishers don’t have. Assisted publishing is growing fast and by providing “The Chilton Method”, FriesenPress expects to see many more talented authors experience marketplace success.

An overview of “The Chilton Method” is available here.