At FriesenPress, every Publishing Path includes custom front & back covers and a professional interior layout, individually formatted by an expert book designer. Here's why.

When most people hear the term “book design” they usually assume you mean a book’s cover. And while cover design is a vital part of book design, a book’s interior, size, paper and finish are all important considerations. Most “self-publishing” companies use a template approach to text layout. This means that your text is formatted using a premade, cookie-cutter design scheme. This approach can result in an uncomfortable reading experience and allows no room for personalized text enhancements.

As for a book’s exterior, we’ve all heard the adage, “Don’t judge a book by its cover” but the reality is that this is exactly what readers do. And that’s not necessarily a bad thing. A well designed book cover can catch a prospective reader’s attention, help them get a feel for what the book is about, and convince them that the book’s quality will be worth their time. A dull or amateurish book cover might lead people to conclude that the writing is the same. After all, if the author didn’t bother to make their cover great, why should readers expect the interior to be any different?

In a competitive marketplace, why put your book at a disadvantage with an amateurish cover? We work with you to ensure your book is attractive, memorable, and professional - inside and out.