You’ve worked countless hours and poured your soul into your work. You need to be sure the finished printed copies of your book are a perfect physical representation of your tireless efforts.

Our partnerships with Lightning Source (LSI) and Friesens provide our authors with a dynamic range of print choices to produce powerful and professional results that are tailored to your unique needs




Lightning Source is the world's largest and strongest print-on-demand book manufacturer, and in printing with them comes Ingram’s book distribution network which is the world's largest. When your books are printed through Ingram, they are printed-on-demand (POD), which means efficiency, economic feasibility, and logistical ease as authors will not need to worry about stocking books.

LSI is the perfect option for small print runs and has a high level of speed it can print with an ability for automation.

Custom Offset Print Runs


Friesens is our parent company and Canada's largest & best book printer. They have been in the print business for over 150 years, and are experts in book printing.

When printing with Friesens, there are essentially no limits to the printing options available - all of which can provide the highest quality and premium colour prints. Friesens is the best option when looking for larger print runs, with the ability to offer exceptional bulk order discounts, and editions with considerable customization features - i.e. heirloom book, high resolution cookbook or art book.

Here are just a few of the available customization options from Friesens

Cover Features

  • Dust-jackets for trim sizes outside of the standard options available through Lightning Source standards

  • Embossing or Debossing (raised or depressed sections into an otherwise flat cover)

  • Foil or Spot Gloss (metallic or shiny finish to sections of a cover)

  • Die Cut Covers (covers with a cut-out that shows content beneath the cover)

  • Different finishes to the cover (for both texture and colour)

  • Slip Covers or Book Boxes (either hinged boxes, two-piece boxes, or three-sided covers for finished books)

Interior Features

  • Variable Data (such as 1/100 limited edition text, or personalized names in each one)

  • Glossy interior paper

  • Color inserts into black & white books

  • Photo Inserts on glossy paper into matte finish books

  • Fold-outs

  • Deckle paper (rough edges to the paper)

  • Heavier weight papers

  • Color Endpapers

Friesens facilitates large book orders, perfect for working with an organization, providing copies to friends and family, fulfilling perks from a fundraiser, or working with retailer contracts to supply books to the general public. If concerned about storing high quantities of books, there are Friesens' Fulfillment services, which can enable paid storage and delivery of quantities of 50 or more copies.

Color Options

In an industry first, authors can now choose between Standard and Premium Color options when publishing their book.

Standard Color

Printed using modern inkjet technology. This option offers a lower cost per unit and is printed on premium 70lb white paper. The Standard Print option is the most common standard used for POD printing today. Due to the nature of inkjet technology, voids – white lines 1/600 of an inch in width – may occur from time to time.

Standard Color books can only be printed in our US printing facilities. However, when ordering 1,000 or more color books you may choose to custom print your Standard Color book in Premium Color Format from our Canadian location. We will provide you with a quote when creating custom orders or when you print in large volumes.

Premium Color

Printed using digital color print engine technology. This option offers superior color quality on premium 70lb white paper.

Premium Color books can be printed and shipped from all locations. While most of our locations will print any number or type of color books our Canadian facility will only accept orders of 1,000 or more Premium Color books.

See the difference for yourself: email and get Standard & Premium Color Sample books sent right to your door! Prices in CAD:
Canada: $10  |  United States: $15  |  International: $25

Please note: Standard & Premium Color printing refers to the book interior only.