Production Features
Production Team Support 2 member team 2 member team
100% Copyright and Creative Control Included Included
Non-Exclusive Contracts Included Included
Custom Cover and Interior Layouts Included Included
Revision Rounds 2 rounds 2 rounds
Layout Complexities 3 hours 2 hours
Design Services (for Layout and Revision Rounds) Express from $99
Premium Cover Design Included $249
Copyright Registration Included $169
Editing Features
Editor's Manuscript Evaluation up to 90k Words up to 70k Words
Back Cover Copywriting Included from $179
Standard Copy Editing up to 70k Words from $200
Royalties and Pricing
Online Royalty Reporting Included Included
eBook Royalty up to 55% up to 55% eBook Royalty up to 70% up to 70%
FriesenPress Bookstore Included Included
Google Play Included Included
Amazon Kindle Included Included
Apple iTunes Included Included
Barnes & Noble Nook Included $249
Chapters, Indigo Kobo Included $249
Promotion Features
Personalized Book Promotion Plan Included Included
Follow-Up Book Promotion Support 2 hours 2 hours
Author Website Included $449
Social Media Starter Package Included $299
Social Media Plus $200 $499
Press Release Included $329
ForeWord Clarion Review $649 $649
Kirkus Indie Review $499 $499

Color images will appear black and white on devices that do not support color. eBook only packages do not include PDF editions as they have no print equivalent.