All-Inclusive Publishing

You want to create the perfect book and you're going to carry it forward to commercial success. Make your dream a reality with the All-Inclusive Package.

Premium cover design. Professional copy editing. Extended online distribution. We'll take your publication to the highest calibre. With leading edge design services, a professional back cover rewrite, and a specialized book promotion plan, the All-Inclusive package is your step to professionalism.


It was my team at FriesenPress that inspired me and made me believe that there is nothing as real as a dream. They made sure I achieved my goals and guided me past the obstacles of writing a memorable book.

It was an experience I will always treasure, working with my team who were always kind, considerate, encouraging and there when I needed a moment of support & some wise advice. I found a bond of great friendship in this whole publishing experience. Thank you so very much FriesenPress.
— June Strandberg, Author of Behind Seven Locked Doors

What's Included in the All-Inclusive Package:

Publish for $4,999

Distribution Features

  • Print-on-Demand Distribution, Servicing Over 35,000+ Online and Brick-and-Mortar Retailers Worldwide
  • FriesenPress Online Bookstore Listing
  • PDF eBook Distribution
  • Google Play Distribution
  • Amazon Kindle Distribution
  • Barnes & Noble Nook Distribution*
  • Chapters, Indigo Kobo Distribution*
  • Apple iTunes Distribution
  • Comprehensive Online Royalty Reporting
  • Preferred Author Discount on Suggested Retail Price
  • Up to 55% in Royalties for Print Editions
  • Up to 70% in Royalties for eBook Edition
  • Up to 40 Paperback and 15 Hardcover Complimentary Copies**

Production Features

  • 2 Member Production Team Support
  • 100% Copyright & Creative Control
  • Non-Exclusive Contracts
  • Editor's Manuscript Evaluation (up to 90,000 words)
  • Standard Copy Editing (up to 90,000 words)
  • Professional Back Cover Copywriting
  • 3 ISBNs
  • Paperback, Hardcover, and eBook Editions
  • Black & White or Full Color Interior
  • Full Color Book Cover
  • Premium Cover Design
  • Custom Cover and Interior Layouts
  • Express Design Services (for Layout & Revision Rounds)
  • 2 Revision Rounds
  • 3 Hours for Layout Complexities
  • Copyright Registration

Book Promotion Features

  • Personalized Book Promotion Plan
  • 2 Hours Follow-Up Book Promotion Support
  • Author Website
  • Social Media Starter Package
  • Press Release
  • Amazon Look Inside
  • Google Books See Inside

*Depending on the type of layout, full eBook distribution may not be available.
**Shipping and handling charges not included.


eBook Only $3,499

Paperback, Hardcover and eBooks all in one package!

Your book will be available in three formats ready for distribution on all major online booksellers.