Bestseller Publishing

You're a go-getter. You want commercial success, and you know your book's market. Take your book to the next level with the Bestseller Package.

The package features two revision rounds, a custom layout design and promotional assistance. With premium hardcover, paperback and ebook editions available for order from over 38,000 retailers world-wide, your book is ready for success.


I Love You Like book
The book came out so much better than I had ever imagined! Certainly in part with the help of your staff. I would like to commend the talent of the designers who really helped bring the book to life with the way they put the different fonts and colors into place.

My Account Manager has been so helpful in guiding me through making decisions that I really had no previous experience with. They’ve all been terrific!
— Laura A. Cooper, co-author of I Love You Like...

What's Included in the Bestseller Publishing Package

Publish for $1,999

Publishing Features

  • 2 Member Production Team Support
  • 100% Copyright & Creative Control
  • Non-Exclusive Contracts
  • Editor's Manuscript Evaluation (up to 70,000 words)
  • 3 ISBNs
  • Paperback, Hardcover, and eBook Editions
  • Black & White or Full Color Interior
  • Full Color Book Cover
  • Custom Cover and Interior Layouts
  • 2 Revision Rounds
  • 2 Hours for Layout Complexities

Book Distribution Features

  • Print-on-Demand Distribution, Servicing Over 35,000+ Online and
    Brick-and-Mortar Retailers Worldwide
  • FriesenPress Online Bookstore Listing
  • PDF eBook Distribution
  • Google Play Distribution
  • Amazon Kindle Distribution
  • Apple iTunes Distribution
  • Comprehensive Online Royalty Reporting
  • Preferred Author Discount on Suggested Retail Price
  • Up to 55% in Royalties for Print Editions
  • Up to 70% in Royalties for eBook Edition
  • Up to 20 Paperback and 5 Hardcover Complimentary Copies*

Book Promotion Services

  • Personalized Book Promotion Plan
  • 2 Hours Follow-Up Book Promotion Support
  • Amazon Look Inside
  • Google Books See Inside

*Shipping and handling charges not included

This has been my first publishing experience and I have been very pleased with FriesenPress. They turned out an impressive book with great colors and professional-grade results. If you’re publishing for the first time or thinking about publishing, try FriesenPress. I searched for months until I found someone I could trust. FriesenPress is trustworthy—try them and see!
— Robert Justice, Author of Rainbow Chicken Feed


eBook Only $1,499