What makes a good children's book?
A book they can't wait to read!

Choosing to read over choosing not to read is the most important aspect when introducing children to the world of books. Let us help you delight young (and young-at-heart readers) with beautifully illustrated, wonderfully worded, professionally-crafted children's books.

What defines a good children's book?

  1. Quality writing: it needs to be age-appropriate, compelling, and not too long
  2. Strong characters: children need to relate to the characters to believe in them
  3. Teach while telling a great story, introducing new vocabulary or concepts
  4. Illustrations that capture the imagination
  5. Have a great ending

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In my search for a publishing company, I kept going back to FriesenPress. I certainly made the right decision, and now have a beautiful children’s book published. I have had compliments from everyone that has purchased one from me - they love the illustrations.
— Margaret Anne Barrance, Author of "The Hummingbird Cat's Tale"

  Bullfrog Package: Tadpole Package: Guppy Package:
  $6,099 $2,199 $1,599
Publishing Features^
Production Team Support 2 member team 2 member team 2 member team
100% Copyright and Creative Control Included Included Included
Non-Exclusive Contracts Included Included Included
Custom Cover and Interior Layouts Included Included Included
Revision Rounds 2 rounds 2 rounds 1 round
Layout Complexities up to 60 Color Image Insertions up to 50 Color Image Insertions up to 25 Color Image Insertions
Express Design Services (for Layout & Revision Rounds) Express from $99 from $99
Premium Cover Design Included $249 $249
Copyright Registration Included Included Included
Custom Illustrations up to 12 + Cover* from $179 from $179
Editing Features
Editor's Manuscript Evaluation up to 50k words up to 50k words up to 50k words
Back Cover Copywriting Included $179 $179
Standard Copy Editing up to 50k words from $200 from $200
Standard Content Editing from $200 from $200 from $200
Proofreading from $200 from $200 from $200
Book Features
Paperback** up to 40 paperbacks up to 20 paperbacks up to 10 paperbacks
eBook Included Included Not Included
Hardcover $299 $299 $299
Full Color Book Cover Included Included Included
Black & White or Full Color Interior Included Included Included
Royalties and Pricing
Online Royalty Reporting Included Included Included
Wholesale Royalty up to 40% up to 40% up to 40%
eBook Royalty up to 55% up to 55% up to 55%
FriesenPress.com Print Royalty up to 55% up to 55% up to 55%
FriesenPress.com eBook Royalty up to 70% up to 70% up to 70%
Author Copy Discount Preferred Author Pricing Preferred Author Pricing Preferred Author Pricing
Print Distribution
FriesenPress Bookstore Included Included Included
Online and Wholesale Distribution Included Included Included
Book Return Insurance from $699 from $699 from $699
eBook Distribution***
Online PDF Distribution Included Included $249
FriesenPress Bookstore Included Included $249
Google Play Included Included $249
Amazon Kindle Included Included $249
Apple iTunes Included Included $249
Barnes & Noble Nook Included $249 $249
Chapters, Indigo Kobo Included $249 $249
Marketing Features
Amazon.com Look Inside Included Included Not Included
Google Books See Inside Included Included Not Included
Promotion Features
Personalized Book Promotion Plan Included Included $499
Follow-Up Book Promotion Support 2 hours 2 hours $69/hour
Author Website (Lite) Included $399 $399
Social Media Starter Package Included $299 $299
Social Media Plus $300 $599 $599
ForeWord Clarion Review $649 $649 $649
Kirkus Indie Review $499 $499 $499

*Illustrations included with the Bullfrog package are limited to Personal Touch options.
**Shipping and handling charges not included.
***Depending on the type of layout, full eBook distribution may not be available.
Includes final layout of up to 48 pages.

Building blocks: the FriesenPress process

One big misconception about children's publishing is that it's unnecessary to have a professional edit of a manuscript of so few words when, in fact, the opposite is true. Our Editors meticulously review your manuscript to ensure the language used matches the appropriate comprehension level, expectation and rhythm of your targeted age group while maintaining a flow that's a pleasure to read.

A hallmark of a great children's books is gorgeous, imaginative illustrations that brilliantly bring the words on the page to life. Our talented team is comprised of world-class illustrators, each with their own unique style and technique - sample their work here. We'll curate a selection of artists whose style best reflects the look and feel of your story. You'll collaborate with your chosen illustrator and personal Account Manager to develop the original imagery and dynamic layout your tale needs. Finally, your book will be professionally printed and bound to the finest standards.

Once your book is printed, that's just the beginning of the adventure: you need to have the right tools if you want to connect with parents and educators about your children's book. Our team of Book Promotions Specialists will tailor a promotional marketing plan for you and your book. You'll learn all about blogging, using social media, and so much more essential insider information that will help you reach your audience.