Young Readers (Ages 10-14)

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Getting a book published can be a very intimidating task for an author. Nowadays, so many options exist that all the information is simply overwhelming at first. I was very lucky to have the FriesenPress team answering my questions and providing me with guidance when needed. I enjoyed my experience working with FriesenPress and cannot recommend their services enough.

- Yves Robichaud, author of YA novel Kaylen's Rising 

Children ages 10-14 have been reading independently for most of their lives and their tastes, by this point, are increasingly well-defined. Readers in this age range are always on the lookout for challenging and relatable literature to whet their voracious, book-devouring appetites. You can expect the word count of a Young Readers book easily dwarf that of an Early Reader title, with illustrations implemented more sparingly throughout the text.

We'll help you develop the tone and tempo perfectly suited to your story's particular genre and target age group, all professionally printed and bound in a beautiful book.

  Presidential All-Inclusive Bestseller
Publishing Features
Editor's Manuscript Evaluation Included Included Included
Custom Layout (Inside, Front and Back Covers) Included Included Included
Revision Rounds 2 Rounds 2 Rounds 2 Rounds
Copy Editing Not Applicable Up to 50k Words from $200
Content Editing (Includes Copy Edit) Up to 50k Words from $200 from $200
Proofreading Included from $200 from $200
Illustrations 12 B&W Included 6 B&W Included from $150
Premium Cover Design Included Included $249
Express Layout Included Included $329
Copyright Registration Included Included $169
Book Features
Paperback 40 Paperbacks 20 Paperbacks 10 Paperbacks
Hardcover* 15 Hardcovers 5 Hardcovers Not Included
Full Color Book Cover Included Included Included
Black & White Interior* Included Included Included
Royalties and Pricing
Online Royalty Reporting Included Included Included
Wholesale Royalty Up to 40% Up to 40% Up to 40%
eBook Royalty Up to 55% Up to 55% Up to 55% Royalty Up to 55% Up to 55% Up to 55%
Author Copy Discount 55% off MSRP 55% off MSRP 55% off MSRP
Print Distribution
Amazon Distribution Included Included Included
Ingram Wholesale Ordering Over 25,000 Locations Over 25,000 Locations Over 25,000 Locations
FriesenPress Bookstore Up to 55% Royalty Up to 55% Royalty Up to 55% Royalty
Online and Wholesale Distribution Included Included Included
Book Return Insurance $699 $699 $699
eBook Distribution
Online PDF Distribution Included Included Included eBook Distribution Included Included Included
Google Play/Android Store Included Included Included
Marketing Features Look Inside Included Included Included
Google Books See Inside Included Included Included
Back Cover Copywriting Included Included $249
Promotion Features
Personalized Book Promotion Plan Included Included Included
One-on-One Vision Interview Included Included Included
Follow-up Book Promotion Support 3 Hours 2 Hours 2 Hours
Author Website Included Included $449
Social Media Starter $299 (Extra Support) Included $299
Social Media Plus Included $200 Upgrade $499
Press Release Included Included $329

*Shipping and handling charges-not included.
*Books are produced as either a black & white or full color edition.
*Children’s Books with full page illustrations are limited to PDF eBook Distribution only.
*Children's Bestseller package does not include a Hardcover edition.

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