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Multi-Book Publishing 

Do you have a sequel or a series in mind, or perhaps an entirely different book? FriesenPress will offer you 10% off each additional book you publish with us.

Valeriana Bandeh

Valeriana Bandeh was born on the island of St. Lucia. Inspired by the exotic nature of the island she spends time writing stories set from the hot volcanic springs of the Caribbean to the cool landscapes of North America and Asia. As an educator and business major, she works in an urban school district in New Jersey.  >>>

Irving Letto

He has been researching the life and work of J. T. Richards since 1971 and is the editor of Snapshots of Grenfell written by J. T. Richards. It was published in 1989, and revised in 2012. He is retired and lives in Halifax, Nova Scotia. >>>


Paul Kennedy Mueller

Author of Pretty Bad Stories (An Unfortunate Collection of Troublesome Tales), Mostly True Tales (and Otherwise Preposterous Accounts), and other works of fiction, journalism, and poetry. An Army brat and a Vietnam veteran, Paul Kennedy Mueller works as a senior public information officer for the University of California at San Diego. >>>

Madison Lake

Madison Lake writes steamy romance novels with an edge, otherwise known as romantica. Like many authors, Madison began her career as a freelance writer, and only recently stumbled upon her passion for writing romantica. “It allows a certain freedom of expression that is completely uninhibited”. These days,  >>>