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Book Cover Services

The look of a book and the text found on it's cover are without a doubt, the first things that catch a reader's eye. Picture this: you walk into a book store with no clear intention on which book to purchase, and instinctively head toward the shelf displaying your favourite genre. As you stare at thousands of titles by hundreds of authors, you start to notice a few that catch your eye. Next, you flip the most alluring book over and read the back cover, start to finish: you're completely hooked. We know our authors need their books to stand out and draw readers in, and we do everything we can to help you make your book irresistible to readers. Let our professional editors share their talents and insights and assist you in creating the strongest and most effective book cover possible.

Back Cover Copywriting 


Despite the old adage, people do judge a book by its cover, front and back! Our book designers will make your front cover sizzle, drawing potential readers in further to peruse the back. Our professional editors will carefully craft compelling marketing copy, to persuade your readers to crack open the book and dive in for an enjoyable read.

Our back cover copywriting service leaves the About the Book and About the Author components in the capable hands of your professional editor, the same editor who has just read and evaluated your manuscript.

Your back cover is essentially a trailer for your book and the language and style should draw your reader in and peak their curiosity.