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A book review from a respected source is a powerful tool in your promotion toolbox. One of the leading paid book review services is a Clarion Book Review, from the editors of ForeWord Magazine.

Clarion Reviews is an avenue for an independent author to receive an authoritative, careful, and objective third-party assessment of their book, lending credibility to your book and you as an author. You will receive a professional, objective 400+ word review of your book that can be leveraged for your press kit, as a back cover endorsement, or on your web site.

  • Readers will discover your book through the ForeWord Reviews website and websites that license ForeWord reviews

  • Librarians and booksellers often are required to have a professional review before ordering a book for inventory

  • Reviews are often the tipping point that causes a potential reader to click the "buy" button.

  • Read the latest Clarion Reviews of FriesenPress-published titles here!

How this Service Works:

We will submit a physical copy of your book to a Clarion reviewer who will provide you with a professional review, guaranteeing the same quality offered in ForeWord Magazine. The review will be sent to you by email. You are free to use excerpts from it, or reprint it in full as part of your promotional materials. With your permission, your book review will be posted online at “Foreword Reviews” and archived with the top three title information databases used by booksellers and librarians who make purchasing decisions: Bowker's Book-in-Print online, Baker & Taylor's Titlesource 3, and Ingram Book's iPage.

    Clarion review of friesenpress title "india: future tense" - click the image for more reviews!

    Clarion review of friesenpress title "india: future tense" - click the image for more reviews!

    "Patience: A Gay Mans Virtue" by Jed La Lumiere

    "Patience: A Gay Mans Virtue" by Jed La Lumiere

    "As an indie author I really enjoyed the opportunity to work with FriesenPress on my first two novels. Their prompt, professional and knowledgeable staff helped me navigate the unfamiliar waters of book publishing. Thanks to FriesenPress I saved a great deal of time, money and frustration. From my experience, one of the most gratifying aspects of my relationship with FriesenPress was the Clarion Book Review.  This service provides new authors with personal and professional validation as well as the opportunity for additional exposure. It was very rewarding to receive a complete and thoughtful five star review—highlighting my novel's main points—from a recognized organization that I can now use as a promotional tool."

    Jed La Lumiere 
    Author of "Patience: A Gay Man's Virtue" 

    Click here to read the 5 Star review