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Munch is the story of Randy, a young boy who loves to snack on candy and gobble up sweets. When his mother invites Randy to run and play outside, he prefers to stay in and watch TV on the couch. But one day Randy gets hungry, and unable to find any sugary treats in the house, his adventure begins!

Follow Randy’s magical transformation as he learns to love fruits and vegetables. When he eats a carrot, he begins to hop like a rabbit. When he snacks on a banana, Randy runs outside to swing from the monkey bars. How will oatmeal and steak work their magic? Will he swing like a Mabbit? Or run like a Tonkey? Join in as Randy discovers all of the fun he can have with a healthy snack and a goofy romp outside.

Lay a foundation of nutritional awareness for your children with Munch. Let Randy’s adventures serve as a launch pad into their lifelong enthusiasm for the outdoors, health, and activity.

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Joey Hands and Stephen Hands 119734000023308528 2017-09-22 23:26:14.466750 Juvenile Fiction, Health & Daily Living, Daily Activities/Juvenile Fiction, Imagination & Play/Juvenile Fiction, Nursery Rhymes
Enigma In Whitechapel

Henry Bruce is a good man, a loving husband, and a doting father—but his one flaw puts himself and his family in grave danger. The year is 1888, and Henry lives a modest life with his wife and children in the notorious Tower Hamlets borough of London. When his penchant for betting on greyhound races lands him in debt with the local Tower Gang, he is forced to plan his family’s discreet escape. However, their survival won’t be easy, as the Bruces have come into the line of sight of the gang’s most brutal and infamous member: Leather Gloves, a.k.a, Jack the Ripper.

After a few daring maneuvers, Henry and his family make it to Canada, where they plan to start a new life. However, the Tower Gang knows no limits, and merciless killers are sent across the ocean to fulfill the gruesome deed. Bruce must remain vigilant to defend his family using any means possible, as he discovers that police officers cannot be depended upon. When the main villain arrives, blood will stain the streets, and Henry will be forced to outsmart the most dangerous man in Canada; then—and only then—can he and his family live without fear.

In this fascinating historical crime thriller, author Stephen A. Pease brings us a story of action, adventure, and intrigue, unmasking Jack the Ripper and his motives in a way we’ve never seen before.

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Stephen A. Pease 119734000046707253 2017-09-22 19:21:26.512190 Fiction, Thrillers, Suspense/Fiction, Historical/Fiction, Crime
Face Time with a Vampire

Recent retiree Jasmine has been living a lonely, quiet life since her beloved husband passed away. That is, until a mysterious man moves in across the street. When circumstances lead to their dramatic meeting, Jasmine is immediately captivated by Baron, her wealthy, kind and handsome new neighbour. Soon she’s in the midst of a whirlwind romance, being wined, dined and showered in gifts and compliments. It’s like a dream come true, but there’s a pretty big catch: he’s a vampire. Although he follows a strict code of ethics about whom he kills, he must still hunt for blood. Soon Jasmine will have to make the most difficult decision she has ever faced: carry on with her boring suburban existence or choose everlasting life as Baron’s bride and join his sophisticated, globe-trotting family. While it might seem like a simple choice, she has her vulnerable sister to think of, not to mention the threat of being hunted by ruthless vampire hunters. Face Time with a Vampire transports you to a world where good and evil aren’t so easily defined, and it will make you wrestle with the age-old question: does love truly conquer all?

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Priscilla Bertrand 119734000043828423 2017-09-22 16:43:54.704060 Fiction/Fiction, Fantasy/Fiction, Fantasy, Contemporary
Fullness of an Empty Life

Fullness of an Empty Life is the autobiography of Ivars S. Oberfelds, in which he chronicles his multiple sexual exploits, a string of failed relationships and discarded families, as he searches for an exclusive answer to the question, "Who am I?" Amid the dead ends, broken promises, and narcissism that permeate the pages of this manuscript, the author finally comes to peace with God and embraces a second chance at life.

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IS. Oberfelds 119734000042973307 2017-09-22 16:41:38.923180 Biography & Autobiography, Personal Memoirs/Biography & Autobiography/Family & Relationships, Dysfunctional Families
Kaleidoscope - Patterns in a life

After a challenging childhood in England in the war and post war years, Pat Hayles went on to live an exciting, international life. She emigrated to Canada where she created new agencies helping depressed and suicidal individuals, and working with disadvantaged people in developing countries, before joining the Consumers’ Association of Canada as the Director of Association Affairs. After founding her own consulting company, she rose to become a respected and sought after consultant pioneering new programs for companies interested in rebuilding relationships with consumers, and communities at risk.

This work took her to more than twenty different countries around the world. Her book describes the founding of the National Round Table on Environment and the Economy, her work as the first Chair of Canada’s Environmental Choice Program, and her work as a faculty member teaching Sustainable Development, in the UK, Canada and Europe. Her work for government and private sector companies introduced her to some of the most prominent and interesting business and civic leaders of the past fifty years. Today she looks back on a successful career from the Belizean resort she created with her husband and stepson.

This book is her reflection on an extraordinary life through the kaleidoscopic patterns she has witnessed in her experiences. It is a story of perseverance, success, and integrity, and is equal parts inspiring and heartwarming.

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Pat Hayles 119734000048356157 2017-09-20 17:48:48.076830 Biography & Autobiography, Social Activists/Biography & Autobiography, Business/Biography & Autobiography
The God Who is Real: Tested and proven through more than 55 years of real life experiences.

Humorous and conversational, while at the same time theological and practical, The God Who Is Real poignantly addresses the most compelling question of human history: Does a personal, caring God exist? The author answers this through a series of “stories,” or “episodes,” which, taken together, form an autobiography that testifies to the reality of a sovereign God who desires an intimate, loving relationship with His creation. The Lord’s care and miraculous provision are chronicled throughout the author’s life, from his conversion as a young man, throughout his life as a preacher and missionary, to his return to Canada in 2009. The book is marked by honesty and transparency. Readers witness the spiritual highs of ministry and a close walk with the Saviour, along with the lows of everyday life. A born-again experience does not shelter a believer from illness, heartache, or challenges—a truth gently woven throughout the pages of this manuscript.

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Richard Haverkamp 119734000045637245 2017-09-20 15:51:15.495730 Religion, Christian Life, Inspirational/Biography & Autobiography, Religious/Religion, Theism
Kaiya's Wild Journey

Join an adventurous and resourceful young girl on her big adventure! When Kaiya is playing near the river by herself she accidentally ends up floating in a canoe downstream. Lost and alone, she must seek the guidance of several friendly and kind-hearted animals. With their help, she sets off to find her way back to her home at the top of the mountain. Kaiya’s Wild Journey is a story of courage and hope, and teaches children important life values and respect for nature.

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Keith Jensen 119734000046397435 2017-09-20 15:49:44.596250 Juvenile Fiction/Juvenile Fiction, Legends, Myths, Fables/Juvenile Fiction, Nature & The Natural World
Evolutionary Love and the Ravages of Greed

The widespread turmoil in the human community today is a symptom of the dominance of unchecked desire, or Greed.  This book distinguishes two ancient concepts of love (the Greek ideas of agape and eros) and explores how agape, the driver of evolution, when put into play through the harmonious action of eros, displays the true essence of love – Evolutionary Love– that alone is the antidote to the ravages of Greed.

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Adam Crabtree 119734000045231695 2017-09-20 15:48:35.081500 Philosophy/Philosophy, Ethics & Moral Philosophy/Philosophy, Good & Evil
Two Men, One River

Begin with 1918 Niagara-on-the-lake: its opulence and extravagance, the actors and the elite, the tennis and golf and lawn bowling, and the promise of a fantastical amusement park lifestyle. The region is thriving. Sir Adam Beck is building the world’s largest hydro power station. Nikola Tesla has found a way to make electricity accessible to all of humanity. And a man named King Camp Gillette has developed plans for a futuristic utopian society that would have the mighty Niagara River as its lifeblood.

Add two men with special abilities and powerful incentives. Jack Saunders is a troubled veteran of the First World War who desperately wants to make a good life for his beloved wife and friends, but his addictions and impulsive behaviour keep turning his noble intentions into disaster. Aaron O’Malley is an affluent business owner who sees that the region is on the verge of an evolution, one that he must cultivate for his personal gain.

But O’Malley needs Jack. He preys upon his vulnerability and draws him into an ambitious scheme that he claims will bring wealth and power beyond their wildest dreams. History is about to change, and Jack is the key to its outcome.

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R. L. Manson 119734000042588191 2017-09-20 15:45:10.720870 Fiction, Science Fiction/Fiction, Alternative History/Fiction, Technological

What happens when a planetary scientist discovers an asteroid that will hit earth in 2018. What happens when the life of the scientist becomes intertwined with the lives of a female sports instructor and his best friend. Impact follows the life of Shane Baird, Sharon Wright and Bert Hatch during periods before, during and after an asteroid hits Lake Mead, resulting in a flood which destroys Hoover Dam and much of the downstream property and population along the Colorado River.

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Thomas McCavour 119734000043922449 2017-09-20 15:44:04.981260 Fiction, Romance, Suspense/Fiction, Romance, Adult/Fiction, Science Fiction, Apocalyptic & Post-Apocalyptic
Messages of HOPE from “US” (United Souls of Heaven and Earth): Decade of Light - Volume 1

Do you feel yourself and the world changing at lightning speed?

Messages of HOPE from “US” (United Souls of Heaven and Earth) is an empowering and transformative collection of messages from a group of non-physical spiritual teachers. The unique energy transmission through their words reaches you at your cellular level, enabling you to access the “knowing” that has always been there, the intuitive, conscious answers for your personal well-being, and for the uplifting of our world into a higher vibrational energy.

In this book you will discover:

• How to access higher vibrational thoughts and energy.

• What it feels like to live in higher consciousness.

• The power you have access to that transforms chaotic energy into harmonic energy.

• The knowing that you are Divine, a Magnificent Light Being here on Earth – that is the greatest power of all!

This book will enable you to rise above the fear, as it shows you the way!

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Judith Onley 119734000018195139 2017-09-14 15:27:46.072550 Body, Mind & Spirit/Body, Mind & Spirit, Angels & Spirit Guides/Body, Mind & Spirit, Channeling
The Dragon's Eye: The Fairy Princess Chronicles - Book 6


Lost for untold millennium, the Dragon’s Eye has the power to grant any wish once every hundred years. Kingdoms fought wars to possess it. Thousands died to fulfill their rulers’ greedy, selfish wishes. There seemed to be no end to the cycle of perpetual conflict, until one day, the Dragon’s Eye disappeared. Secreted away and hidden in a far off, remote land, the Dragon’s Eye waited to be discovered again. It’s wish, ready for the taking.

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Cynthia A Sears 119734000048915143 2017-09-14 00:18:07.788150 Juvenile Fiction, Fantasy & Magic/Juvenile Fiction/Juvenile Fiction, Action & Adventure
Raising Champions Amidst Diversity

Separated or divorced with concerns of the impact on your children? This informative and insightful book easily summarizes common issues with the hard fought lessons of an experienced family law attorney who has seen it all, both as a litigator and as a divorced parent. The lessons in this book will help you maintain the mindset necessary to provide the guidance and leadership children need in chaotic times. What’s best for your children, how to deal with an uncooperative co-parent, how to best communicate with your child when emotionally charged ... these scenarios are laid out in plainspoken and easy to understand terms. Accept that you have no control over your ex, and realize that you can control your reactions differently. Changes in perspective will have significant impact on your children. Every child can be a champion!

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Anne M. Davis 119734000027641863 2017-09-14 00:17:04.674490 Family & Relationships/Family & Relationships, Parenting/Family & Relationships, Divorce & Separation
The Sand Carriers

There is a bonus attached to Mr. Villarreal’s new book of poetry: a one-act play which deals with seeing only what one wants to see to the detriment of a birthing consciousness. The novella deals with the would-be world the protagonist/narrator moves through, a not too pleasant one. As always, life is a format ever in the works in a Villarrealean piece!

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Val Villarreal, Jr. 119734000045871045 2017-09-14 00:15:06.641740 Poetry/Literary Collections/Fiction
Odd Jobs: Misadventures of the Copy-Cat Cat Burglars

Odd Jobs is a comic-caper love-story about a Mountie woman and entrepreneurial men, house and family, script-writers and cat-burglars. A modern tale of movie magic in the wrong hands: the Big Lebowski meets Elmore Leonard’s niece.

When Marty Drysdale first meets Chick, a member of the Canadian Mounties, he has an ounce of marijuana in the backseat of the limo he’s driving and a breaking-and-entering offense on his record. He escapes that first meeting with a traffic ticket and a major crush on “Officer Beautiful.” After just a month of knowing her, Marty proposes, and against all odds, she agrees.

But Chick grows frustrated with Marty’s laziness and oddities. One night, coming home from his latest job as a projectionist, Marty crashes his Flxible Flxette limousine. In the shower of sparks, glass, and twisted metal, he has an epiphany: he will make his own movie and prove to Chick that he’s a man worth having.

It isn’t long, however, before Marty’s hair-brained script—the copy-cat cat burglars—makes him the target of angry investors, the police, and other unintended victims of his latest scheme. He’ll have a lot of explaining to do if he wants to get out of this mess and keep the woman of his dreams in Odd Jobs.

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Karl Meade 119734000036844023 2017-09-11 18:43:23.756840 Fiction, Humorous, Black Humour/Fiction, Romance, Romantic Comedy/Fiction, Crime
Davy: Child of Bigfoot?

Davy is a spellbinding drama which begins in the late 1800s in the Pacific Northwest. The fictional story is rooted in an actual contemporary newspaper account describing the capture of a hominid "ape-boy" who is destined for the freak show. Thrust into an alien culture, Davy survives with the help of a nurturing couple. A strange, new life is punctuated with flashbacks to his mysterious origins in the deep forest. Fate steers him on a journey of self-discovery, guided by First Nations companions, symbols and traditions.

Davy is a tantalizing tale which brings a new dimension to the elusive "bigfoot" phenomenon.

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Douglas Franklin 119734000043225371 2017-09-11 17:29:35.372700 Fiction/Fiction, Fantasy, Urban Life/Fiction, Fantasy, Historical
You Can't See My Scars: A Story of Thriving During the Impossible and Living Life to the Fullest

At thirty-seven years old, Darren Cosentino is fit and healthy, with a busy social life and a successful career. Returning from a holiday in Mexico with his wife, Sara, he develops stomach pains and heads to the hospital with what seems to be a case of severe constipation. He is diagnosed with terminal colon cancer and given six months to live.

In this true story, Darren’s diagnosis changes his life, but he doesn’t let it stop him from living. He becomes an empowered and involved patient, working closely with his doctors in carrying out his treatment plans, and continues an active lifestyle that includes daily hot yoga, scuba diving, hunting, socializing, travel, and getting the most out of every day. Always adventurous, cancer makes him even more ambitious. 

Darren shows that even with a terminal diagnosis, there are ways to thrive and live an incredible life. He makes a special point of recounting the support he’s received, personally thanking friends, family, and health care professionals—every person who made his and Sara’s journey better. His story will inspire and motivate patients faced with challenging treatment regimens, as well as help friends and family members of people undergoing difficult medical treatment better understand how to support their loved ones.

Darren’s perseverance and optimism make You Can’t See My Scars about much more than cancer; this is a story about how to approach life and death, and a meditation on the power of positivity, gratitude, community, a deeply loving spousal partnership.

Net proceeds received from the sale of this book will be donated to the CancerCare Manitoba Foundation Darren Cosentino Memorial Fund.

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Darren Cosentino 119734000043362879 2017-09-11 17:19:18.091880 Biography & Autobiography, Personal Memoirs/Biography & Autobiography, Medical/Biography & Autobiography
Moons Tale 2: Birth of the Hybrid

Liz finds herself on the run against man made hybrids. They are stopping at nothing to create a world full of these monsters, it's up to Liz to stop them. This time she has her daughter to protect. Will Liz ever get a break ? Will she be able to stop them?

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Lindsay Uvery 119734000027442149 2017-09-11 16:37:48.764690 Fiction, Fantasy/Fiction, Fantasy, Contemporary/Fiction
The Watch

Pyotr Yuzwenko is a man haunted by his past. Driven from his home by political unrest in Ukraine, orphaned at sea and sold into indentured labor in the Ottawa Valley, Pyotr becomes a man in the woods of northern Ontario. He finds love and family in Toronto, only to have it all torn from him as he is arrested and imprisoned as an “enemy alien.”

Having escaped the brutality of the forced labor camp, Pyotr has built a new life in the coal town of Beverly, Alberta. The depression is making life difficult for him and his growing family but Pyotr is unable to part with the one thing that could bring in enough money to see them through; his fathers’ watch.

He knows he must stay clear of the authorities, lest his past is discovered but, when he is cheated out of the watch, Pyotr risks everything to get it back.

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Neil D. Martin 119734000046997191 2017-09-11 16:34:56.253860 Fiction, Historical/Fiction, Literary/Fiction
The Storks Came Back: A boy grows up in Denmark under Nazi occupation

In April 1940 when his country, Denmark, is invaded and occupied by Nazi Germany, seven year old Morten has no idea how his life and that of his family and all other people in Denmark is about to change. School is interrupted. Danish Resistance against the German occupiers grows stronger step by step. Morten, eager to join the local branch of the Underground resistance movement, is told that he is too young to get involved. Five years later, now twelve, he is still told the same thing. The Danish resistance is sabotaging railway transports to prevent German troops from heading south to reinforce Hitler’s troops fighting the Allied on the Western front.

When a German search party is about to discover an explosives stash of the local resistance, which includes Morten's family and friends, Morten devises an ingenious plan to save the day. Aided by a friend and his dog, he spirits the explosives away against all odds, including German road blocks, saving the lives of the local resistance fighters involved in the sabotage team.

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Afiena Kamminga 119734000045689104 2017-09-11 16:33:23.946690 Juvenile Fiction, Historical/Juvenile Fiction, Historical, Holocaust/History, Europe, Scandinavia