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Feb 18 Special Offer

This Valentine’s Day, we asked our team of expert Publishing Consultants to tell us the services their authors love most.

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Here’s why you’ll love them too, in their words:

  • Premium Cover Design is always a big hit. Authors love that they get multiple stunning cover options to choose from. Our Designers always do such a fabulous (and creative) job!” - Emily
  • “I’m constantly hearing about how personalized and actionable our Book Promotion Plans are, matched perfectly to both genre and the writer’s level of experience.” - Bret 
  • Early Cover Design & Advance Reader Copies. Savvy authors often want to start marketing as early as possible and, with these services, they’re able to gather early reviews and build momentum for their books before they’re even released.” - Kim 
  • “Social media gets the glory these days, but the power of an Author Website shouldn’t be underestimated. Our in-house Promotions team makes sites that are so sleek and easy to use - it really helps our authors establish professionalism.” - Code
  • “What Code said.” - Jamie
  • “The Amazon Author Page gives authors a big boost on Amazon. It provides readers with added detail about you and your book, including your author photo. Any advantages you can give yourself on the largest book-selling platform in the world are worthy of affection!” - Christoph 
  • “Since we launched it in May, Expanded Lifetime eBook Distribution hasn’t lost its ‘wow’ factor. Especially when you consider lifetime distribution means you have an added source of revenue - eBook sales - forever.” - Muhammad

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