Our Team

Based in Victoria, British Columbia, our team is a dynamic group of writers, editors, journalists, philosophers, photographers, filmmakers, dancers, musicians, artists, athletes, actors and entrepreneurs.

What do we have in common? Our love of stories.

Our Process

Our unique process combines the professionalism and care of traditional publishing with the creative agility (and high author royalties) of DIY self-publishing.

  • Your Publishing Consultant assists you in choosing the publishing path and services that serve you and your book’s goals. Call 1-800-792-5092 for a free consultation.

  • A dedicated Publishing Specialist supports and guides you one-on-one through the book publishing process.

  • A professionally-vetted editor reads your book cover-to-cover and provides you with a detailed written report. (Additional rounds of editing are encouraged but optional.)

  • Our in-house team of Book Designers create your cover and interior layout, and prepare your book for publication – all to the highest industry standards.

  • Finally, our Promotion Specialists give you the tools you need to market your book and connect with readers all over the world.

The result? A professionally-bound and published book that’s 100% owned by the author and distributed worldwide.

Our Values

Act Like an Owner
We take risks, learn from their outcomes, and seek better ways to solve problems.

We say what we mean, we mean what we say.  We do the right thing regardless of who is watching.

Excellence & Innovation
Operational excellence is why we succeed today. Innovation is why we will thrive tomorrow. We will continue to do both equally well, striving to improve each day.

We leverage the collective genius of our employees, partners and authors.

Lifelong Teaching & Learning
We learn, we teach, we grow. Pass it on.

Dispatches from NaNoWriMo, Vol. 1

Join us in cheering on our intrepid group of National Novel Writing Month participants as they attempt to write a novel, from scratch, in just 30 days.

We caught up with our diverse group of NaNoWriMo veterans, sophomores, and newbies on November 1st for a Day 1 check-in.

FriesenPress Runs for the Cure

The CIBC Run for the Cure has quickly become a hotly anticipated fall tradition for us here at FriesenPress. You don't have to be an athlete to participate in this event - you just need a big heart and a pair of willing feet. Click through for photos from this year's run!