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The book came out so much better than I had ever imagined! Certainly in part with the help of your staff. I would like to commend the talent of the designers who really helped bring the book to life with the way they put the different fonts and colors into place.

My Account Manager has been so helpful in guiding me through making decisions that I really had no previous experience with. They’ve all been terrific!
— Laura A. Cooper, co-author of I Love You Like...
It was my team at FriesenPress that inspired me and made me believe that there is nothing as real as a dream. They made sure I achieved my goals and guided me past the obstacles of writing a memorable book.

It was an experience I will always treasure, working with my team who were always kind, considerate, encouraging and there when I needed a moment of support & some wise advice. I found a bond of great friendship in this whole publishing experience.
— June Strandberg, Author of Behind Seven Locked Doors