Premium Cover Design

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Price: $249

Whether it’s fair or not, your book will be judged by its cover. When it comes to making a good first impression, a professionally designed cover can make the difference between prospective readers picking up your book or leaving it on the shelf.

Your Publishing Specialist will first consult with you to capture your vision for your book cover. Then, one of our book design artists will create an eye-catching cover from scratch - one that will stand out from the crowd. Premium Cover Design gives you 2 to 3 custom concepts for your cover, and 1 revision round – plus up to 2 Adobe Stock Images.

Elite Cover Design

Price: $599

Elite Cover Design includes all the features of our Premium Cover Design service and further enhances your cover’s impact by including time for Photoshop composite art or original custom vector graphics, additional stock imagery and/or non-standard typefaces.

At the Elite level, you’ll be able to consult your designer directly (up to 1hr), receive up to 3 custom cover concepts, up to 3 Adobe Stock Images, and 2 revision rounds.