Back Cover Copy: About the Book & About the Author

Despite the old adage, people do judge a book by its cover. And while a strong front cover can capture attention, it’s the back cover that closes the sale. That’s why FriesenPress pays close attention to your book’s back cover copy. Working together, we’ll craft compelling copy, aimed at persuading your readers to crack open the book and dive in for an enjoyable read.

Our back cover copywriting includes writing the marketing copy for your book’s “About the Author” and “About the Book” sections. There are two levels of service available:

  • Standard (Editor Only): $179
    Back cover copy written by the same Editor who read and analyzed your manuscript.
  • Enhanced (Editor and Book Promotion Specialist): $249
    Back cover copy co-written by your Editor and your FriesenPress Book Promotion Specialist.

Sample Back Cover Write-up:

Back Cover Copywriting