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Content Editing

Price: $3.90 per 100 words - $200.00 minimum charge

Content editing addresses the same mechanical needs as copy editing, but delves much deeper into the writing by also working with the content and structure of the manuscript. A content edit will help clarify meaning, eliminate superfluous words or jargon, and improve the accuracy of vocabulary use. Content editing is a good choice when your book needs light- to medium- copy editing and assistance with the organization of ideas, plot or argument development, improved character consistency, or improved expression.

  • Fiction titles: focuses on maintaining consistency in the storyline, characters, and dialogue.
  • Nonfiction titles: focuses on consistency of information, structure, and organization, use of visual aids, and flow of ideas.

Content editing includes correction of errors in grammar, usage, spelling, punctuation and other mechanics of style, internal consistency, cross-referencing, labelling, syntax, abbreviation errors and verification of citations.

To calculate the cost of this service, count the number of words in your manuscript using your word processor's word count feature; divide this number by 100, and multiply the result by $3.90. For example, if you have a manuscript that is 20,000 words, divide it by 100; the result is 200. 200 x $3.90 = $780.00

Sample Content Edit: