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Developmental Editing

Price: $2.80 per 100 words - $200.00 minimum charge

When your book simply has to be the best that it can be, Developmental Editing is the clear choice. A staple of professional editing services, a Developmental Edit provides commentary and advice on the content, structure and direction of your manuscript. It is a holistic edit, focused on structural and creative feedback. It does not address the manuscript’s mechanical needs (spelling, punctuation, grammar, etc.) because the focus is primarily on developing solid, well-written manuscript rather than looking after technical details.

  • Fiction titles: focuses on plot, organization and character development.
  • Nonfiction titles: focuses on structure, organization and argument development.

To calculate the cost of this service, count the number of words in your manuscript using your word processor's word count feature; divide this number by 100, and multiply the result by $2.80. For example, if you have a manuscript that is 20,000 words, divide it by 100; the result is 200. 200 x $2.80 = $560.

Sample Developmental Edit:

FriesenPress Developmental Editing