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Editor's Manuscript Evaluation

Price: $499

The first step in editing is to understand what kinds of editing you need most. With an Editor's Manuscript Evaluation, a professional FriesenPress editor will read your manuscript, assess its strengths and weaknesses, suggest improvements, and recommend the editing services that will have the greatest impact on improving your book. Your editor reads your manuscript in its entirety and produces a 5 to 6 page written assessment*.

For the best results, manuscripts are matched with an editor who has a fundamental understanding and interest in your material. After an evaluation is complete, the same editor who completed the Manuscript Evaluation will continue to work with the manuscript, should you proceed with any of our editing services. This creates continuity and deepens the editor's understanding of the manuscript; it also gives the editor an opportunity to build upon the author's trust established during the evaluation process. This combination produces a thorough, high-quality edit.

When a writer is face down in a manuscript, pulling an entire world out of thin air, it is absolutely impossible to stay objective about the material; to judge whether intentions are coming across.
— Rhonda Hayter, FriesenPress Editor

*Overage costs apply for manuscripts greater than 60,000 words. Evaluations of children’s book manuscripts are a minimum of 3 pages in length.

Read a sample Editor's Manuscript Evaluation: