Using a Touchscreen


Price: $1.50 per 100 words - $200.00 minimum charge

The final stage of editing. Proofreading includes, but is not limited to, correction of erroneous cross-references, looking for and correcting missing words, catching and correcting misspellings (particularly those that get through spell-check unnoticed). Your editor will also complete a visual check for formatting issues, such as incorrect word breaks, headings and line spacing, to ensure consistency in the overall layout. 

Count the number of words in your manuscript using your word processors word count feature; divide this number by 100, and multiply the result by $1.50. For example, if you have a manuscript that is 20,000 words, divide it by 100; the result is 200. 200 x $1.50 = $300.00

Sample Proofread: