2017 FriesenPress Author's Guide

It wasn’t long ago that self-publishing was considered a writer’s last resort. Sure, authors like Mark Twain and Beatrix Potter are widely cited examples of literary giants who self-published in their day, but that was because they had nowhere else to turn. How times have changed.

Get our free Author's Guide and take first steps on your publishing journey. We pinpoint areas to avoid and highlight areas to visit on your publishing adventure.

Guide Contents

  • The roadmap to successful publishing
  • Partnered publishing vs. traditional publishing: the facts
  • Questions you should ask when choosing a publishing partner
  • What it all means: common terms
  • The importance of professional editing
  • Common editorial add-ons
  • Design: first impressions count
  • Marketing: connecting with readers
  • Why authors love FriesenPress
  • History is on your side
  • A path to traditional publishing
  • Choosing the right publishing path
  • Take the next step in your publishing journey

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