FriesenPress Announces New Wordscents Reading Experience

An excited reader with a copy of To Smell a Mockingbird. (Click image to enlarge)

Thanks to Nosetradamus™ technology, the wait for stories you can smell is over!

VICTORIA, British Columbia – April 1, 2016 – Leading assisted self-publisher FriesenPress today announced Wordscents™ – an immersive new reading experience that brings book and reader closer together than ever before. Powered by Nosetradamus™ intelligent scent generation technology, Wordscents™ uses a unique algorithm to determine the actual smells of the events being described in a book, prints the scents to the page, and delivers them to the reader – an industry first!

“As book lovers, there are few things we love more than the smell of books – both new and old,” said Tammara Kennelly, President of FriesenPress. “This got us thinking about how we can bring an even deeper, more sensory experience to readers. The fruit of our labour is Wordscents™ – a true breakthrough and one that we think stands as a huge leap forward in the future of reading.”

After a few early and regrettable missteps, the latest prototype has proven to be a big hit with FriesenPress team members:

“You haven't read a cookbook until you've read one with Wordscents™.  It's just like being in the kitchen while an amazing meal is being prepared – well, without the actual food, of course,” explained Jamie Ollivier, FriesenPress Publishing Consultant. “Romance novels are...also interesting.”

Physical books aren't the only ones getting the Wordscents™ treatment. All major eReaders can be augmented with a special sprayer tool to automatically fire the scents from the book directly into the reader's face with every turned page. Early reviews of the digital Wordscents™ reading experience have been called “unbelievable”, “overwhelming”, and “extremely unexpected”.

What's next for FriesenPress? “We're already working on edible books,” explained Technology Manager Will Reiher. “We want to get all senses involved, so developing books with corresponding taste profiles makes the most sense (pardon the pun). Our prototype version of The Grapes of Wrath was particularly delicious. Animal Farm, less so.”

Wordscents™ is available April 1st, 2016 exclusively through FriesenPress – just in time for April Fool's Day. Call 1-800-792-5092 to learn more!