Author Experience: Rose A. Hunt

The bond formed between FriesenPress’ published authors and their production team is a powerful one. Our Author Experience feature gives our authors a platform to tell the story behind the publication of their story, in their own words. 

Rose A. Hunt first contacted FriesenPress in October 2014:

The initial contact with my Publishing Consultant, Christoph, was one of the most important reasons for my considering FriesenPress. I had investigated several self publishing companies and was disappointed by a number of issues, but none more than that initial contact. 

Christoph was very professional without being cold; he was engaging but not condescending, warm and knowledgeable. He answered my questions, no matter that I may have asked the same ones several times. I appreciated the genuine interest he showed in “getting it right”. Thank you Christoph! 

My experience as a first time author proved to be a positive one due to the professionalism of the staff. Their positivity for my project inspired me to see it through to the very end, although I was prone to frustration when taking on new tasks. The autonomy with which they allowed me to use my ideas for each project made an indelible impression. 

Heather is an amazing Account Manager. If she ever became frustrated with me, it never showed in her voice, or in any of our myriad emails. Heather, you have inspired me to want to do it all over again. And I shall!

My Designer and Book Promotion Specialist, Martha and Lauren respectively, made me feel as if my project was the only one at the time. It was a good feeling. Their patience and knowledge of their craft made the process easier. They never made me feel inadequate or inept. They are two of the many reasons I have referred other first time authors to FriesenPress. 

Thank you, FriesenPress, for making Mom 3MD such a success!

- Rose A. Hunt, author of Mom 3MD