Author Experience: Meaghan Worthey

The bond formed between FriesenPress’ published authors and their production team is a powerful one. Our Author Experience feature gives our authors a platform to tell the story behind the publication of their story, in their own words.

Meaghan Worthey first contacted FriesenPress in March 2016:

When I was a little girl, I used to spend all day putting together little books. I would draw lots of pictures, create stories, and staple them together. It wasn't until I was 19 years old, upon coming out of treatment for an eating disorder, that I started to draw again. My friends and family members told me I should do something with my drawings but I’d just shrug my shoulders and dismiss my work. It wasn't until a year ago that I had the confidence and courage to share my artwork with the world.

I found FriesenPress online and sent an inquiry out of curiosity. I heard back almost immediately and they patiently answered every question I had. I knew I’d found the right team. During the production process, I was given all the freedom and support I needed to keep this book as true to myself as possible. Astra, my Account Manager, was the sweetest lady to work with. She always replied to my phone calls or emails very promptly, making my book a priority. Special thanks to my graphic design team that helped me create my book’s cover. I must have changed it 3 times before I decided on the version you see today, and they were extremely patient while helping me execute my vision.

Meaghan Worthey

Meaghan Worthey

I am in the process of jump starting a recovery support website and will soon send out 150 complimentary books to treatment centers throughout the country. I want to give back to the community that helped save my life and leave my fingerprints on the healing, positive, recovery movement. FriesenPress has been a crucial partner in my journey.

To be called an official author and illustrator is such an exciting honor and a dream come true. Affirmations of the Soul: Recovery is about Uncovering the Real You showed me that I can do anything and anything is possible. Always seek inspiration, and soon you will become it.This is just the beginning of my work... you will see much more of me. Thank you FriesenPress!

- Meaghan Worthey, Author of
Affirmations of the Soul