14 year old author publishes his first Sci-Fi novel "Frank’s Quantum Adventure"

PJ McFarlane

PJ McFarlane

How long have you been a writer and what inspired you to begin your writing career?

I began writing in the seventh grade, but I've been fascinated by writing and literature since I was little.

My seventh grade Language Arts teacher, Mr. Lemmo helped me realize my full writing potential and encouraged me to expand ‘Frank’s Quantum Adventure’ into everything it has become.

Tell us a little about yourself?

I am fourteen years old. I was twelve when I wrote the original short story of ‘Frank’s Quantum Adventure’ and thirteen when I wrote the novella. I live and write in Atlanta, Georgia with my family.

Artist Tony DeSantis, Teacher Joe Lemmo with PJ McFarlane

Artist Tony DeSantis, Teacher Joe Lemmo with PJ McFarlane

Do you have any favourite authors or literary influences that helped get you interested?

I'm a fan of ‘The Hunger Games’ series by Susanne Collins and ‘The Maze Runner’ series by James Dashner. However, the plot-line of ‘Frank’s Quantum Adventure’ wasn't influenced by any piece of literature.

What drew you to science fiction in particular?

I have always been interested in science and the science fiction genre. It has always been easy for me to come up with ideas and stories related to science fiction.

Frank’s Quantum Adventure Book Cover

Frank’s Quantum Adventure Book Cover

How did the idea for the book come to be? Is there a dream or event you would say brought the whole story together?

My Language Arts teacher, Mr. Lemmo, assigned the class to write a story, about anything at all, on a sheet of notebook paper (front and back sides). I wrote the incredibly brief, original version of what’s now known as ‘Frank’s Quantum Adventure’. He then selected my story along with a few others to be adapted into plays at the local arts center as part of a young playwright contest. Out of five plays, mine won first place. From there, he encouraged me to go a step further and expand the story into a novella (‘Frank’s Quantum Adventure’). As for the plot of the book itself, there isn't any influence or event that brought it together. I spent ten minutes thinking of an interesting short story idea, and eventually, ‘Frank’s Quantum Adventure’ became the result.

What time of day do you prefer to do your writing?

Whenever there aren't any distractions around me, whether it be noon or midnight.

Any ideas for a follow up project or pieces of writing?

I’ve set the book up for sequels, however, I haven’t put any thought into what the next book(s) of the ‘Frank’s Quantum Adventure’ series might be.

What are your plans after you finish the book?

I definitely plan to continue writing in the future, though I don’t yet have any ideas as to what the next book I write will be about.


How about the book, what makes your story unique?

The story centres on an average guy by the name of Frank. He lives a miserable life, due to his tedious job, his unreasonable boss, and his boring suburban neighbourhood. One day, he awakens to find that various objects around him vanish into thin air (his alarm clock, his coffee table, etc.). Upon discovering this, he decides to find the source of these strange disappearances by teaming up with his quirky scientist friend and travelling through time. When I started the book, I had only a very loose idea of how the story would end; I essentially made up the story as I went along.

What is your favourite quote?

“Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t, you’re probably right.” – Joseph Lemmo

Do you have any people you would like to thank for their role or assistance in producing this book?

I would like to thank my supportive family and Joe Lemmo, my previous Language Arts teacher for encouraging and inspiring me to complete this book. I couldn't have done it without you. I would also like to thank Tony DeSantis for providing the amazing cover art.

Interviewed by Christoph Koniczek

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