Earn up to 70% in royalties with FriesenPress eBooks:

FriesenPress President Tammara Kennelly

FriesenPress President Tammara Kennelly


FriesenPress unveils our new eBook publishing service, offering our valued authors with DRM free eBooks  royalties of up to 70%. FriesenPress will promote them online at the FriesenPress bookstore, where readers can download all eBook formats (PDF, ePub and Kindle Format) to their devices for one price.

All manuscripts will go through a free professional editorial evaluation process, thereafter the author will have the choice of opting for more copy or content editing services to refine their work further. Existing FriesenPress authors with print books, will also have the choice of having an eBook version of their print book available at FriesenPress bookstore. All eBooks priced at $2.99 and above will be eligible to earn 70% in royalties.

In-order to be eligible for this service, there are two options of DRM (Digital Rights Management) protection which the authors could choose from.

  1. "Mixed" is our most flexible option. It will apply DRM protection to your eBook in all bookstores that support it while also making your eBook available in stores that do not have DRM.

  1. "Disabled" will make your eBook available in all distribution channels without DRM.

If you choose "Mixed" or "Disabled" your eBook will be available on the FriesenPress Bookstore. There will be an annual channel fee of $29 to carry an eBook on all applicable eBook stores. Contact FriesenPress Publishing Consultants for more information on upgrading or publishing an eBook with FriesenPress.

“This has been an incredible year of growth and success, learning and developing alike to help our authors make a better book. We are thrilled that by the efforts of three of our self-published authors, their books are now being carried in Chapters nationwide, with "Kerri On" reaching #3. In our quest to develop products that support our authors with the distribution of their book, while keeping more of the royalties in their pocket, we are thrilled to be able to offer a full line up of eBook formats for distribution in our FriesenPress bookstore.” - says Tammara Kennelly the president of FriesenPress.

Contact FriesenPress for more information on upgrading or publishing an eBook with FriesenPress.

Call: 1.800.792.5092 
email: publishing@friesenpress.com