How To Publish A Book - Part 3: Promoting A Self-Published Book

Self-Published FriesenPress Books

Self-Published FriesenPress Books

Once you've decided on a publisher and are starting to work out the details of production, you will want to be thinking about how you can market your book (and yourself).

Be strategic with your network

Think about your personal network, and brainstorm a list of people who you might be able to work with, cross-promote with, and who can help you generate that initial marketing buzz.

Start early, and network often. You will want to start building up a solid list of contacts that you can connect with – you never know who knows who, so get out there and network!

Create a budget

A strong budget can make a very big difference in the effectiveness of your marketing efforts. Not to say that you need to stick to a budget that you created on day one, but it is good to have an idea of the resources you can commit to promoting your book.

- A cash budget: How much money can you afford to spend on the marketing of your book? You should know what is within your limits when it comes to promoting your book. Promotion is important, but not as important as making sure you've got food on the table and a roof over your head.

- A time budget: How much time can you afford to spend on the marketing of your book? Your time is important, and budgeting your time helps you to prioritize and make sure you are spending the appropriate amount of time on a task, rather than getting carried away with the small stuff.

Establish a consistent brand

Who are you and what do you want to be to the world? How do you want your fans to see you as an author?

From a marketing perspective, you will want to establish your brand before you start communicating with the public and your potential customers. Consistency is key here, so make sure you have your elevator pitch memorized and you truly believe in how you are positioning yourself.

Have a plan

Every good marketing campaign begins with a good marketing plan. Determine your goals, and then break them down into small steps that you can begin putting into action. You should also create a timeline or calendar of activities that you are going to carry out.

A well thought out marketing plan will help you stay on track with your marketing efforts, always keeping the end goal in mind.

These tips will go a long way when it comes to promoting your book. Having said that, marketing is an iterative process, and you will need to measure the results of your actions and be flexible to change what isn't working for you. So, what are you waiting for?

Written by: Braden Hogan