If you want to please readers and succeed in the marketplace, your book will need professional grade editing, design, distribution & promotion.

To help you make decisions that match your budget and your goals, we’ve created grouped services in each of these key categories. We’ve even discounted the total price so you can get more of what your book needs.


Editing Bundles


Blush Proof

Blush Proof Editing Bundle

You’ve worked hard to bring your vision to life. Don’t let grammatical errors, spelling mistakes (including misused words), or structural problems ruin its impact. Engaging the services of a professional editor will help minimize the niggling errors that can sneak into print. Blush Proof includes:

  • Copy Edit

  • Proofread

Just $3.15 per 100 words
(min 20K words)

Rising Star

Rising Star Editing Bundle

Make an impact with a book that benefits from the expertise of professional editing. We work with you to make sure the language is tight, the vision is clear, and the story is compelling. It’s like having a personal trainer to keep your writing in shape. 

  • Content Edit

  • Proofread

  • 1 hr Phone Consultation with Your Editor

Just $4.85 per 100 words
(min 20K words)


Legend Editing Bundle

Behind every great book is great editing. Enlisting a team of professional editors is among the most important creative decisions any writer can make. The Legend editing package will take your work through rigorous quality checks, ensuring that your book will be polished, professional and stand shoulder to shoulder with your toughest competitors.

  • Developmental Editing

  • Copy Edit

  • Proofread

  • 1 hr Phone Consultation with Your Editor

Just $5.65 per 100 words
(min 20K words)

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Book Design Bundles


Premium Cover Design

Premium Cover Design FriesenPress

Premium Cover Design provides three hours of dedicated designer time for your cover. Your Author Account Manager will consult with you to capture your vision for your cover. Then, one of our book design artists will create an eye-catching cover from scratch - one that will stand out from the crowd. 

Note: Stock photography images or original illustrations commissioned for your book cover are charged separately.


Elite Cover Design

Elite Cover Design FriesenPress

When you need a cover that’s both eye-catching and conveys a strong concept, Elite Cover Design (ECD) is your answer. With ECD your book will benefit from an in-depth Cover Design Consultation, up to 3 cover options, Photoshop composite art, stock photography and/or non-standard typefaces, all with ample designer time. Includes: up to 8 hrs design time (3 concept dev / 2 revisions). Conceptual Illustration is also available separately.



Market Looks

Market Looks Design Bundle

A strong book cover is important in the bookstore but it’s also a key tool in your marketing efforts. With the Market Looks bundle your book will benefit from Elite Cover Design plus Early Cover Design Access. This early access will allow you to start building buzz around your book. We’ll even provide PDF format Advance Reader Copies (ARCs) so you can start gathering reviews and reader praise in advance of your book’s release. Impress the market with:

  • Elite Cover Design

  • Early Cover Design Access

  • PDF Advance Reader Copies (ARCs)

Bundled Price: $669

Gallery Showcase

Gallery Showcase Design Bundle FriesenPress

For book lovers, there’s nothing quite like a beautifully produced volume, full of intriguing visuals and the promise of a good story. With the Gallery Showcase bundle, your book will benefit from the creative input of professional book designers and expert back cover copywriting. Wow your audience with:

  • Premium Cover Design

  • Back Cover Copy: About the Book & About the Author

  • 1 additional Design Revision Round

  • 2 additional hours for Layout Complexities

Bundled Price: $649

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Book Promotion Bundles


Brick and Mortar

Brick and Mortar Promotion Bundle FriesenPress

If you want to have your book available in bookstores, you’ll need to prepare the way with a book that looks great, has return insurance, and is supported by bookstore-focused marketing tools. The Brick and Mortar bundle will help you address many of the key requirements bookstores have in order to stock your title. Services include:

  • Book Return Insurance (1 Year) - required by all booksellers

  • Expanded eBook Distribution to Barnes & Noble Nook and Chapters Indigo Kobo

  • ½ pg FriesenPress Catalogue Placement

  • Bookstore Sell Sheet

  • 10 Extra Softcover Copies

Bundled Price: $1349

Promo Starter

Promo Start Book Promotion Bundle

It’s a crowded marketplace, with countless books shouting for readers’ attention. Somehow, your book needs to be that yellow umbrella in a sea of black brollies. The Promo Starter bundle will get you on the way to building an audience by attracting their attention and kindling their curiosity.

  • Personalized Book Promotion Plan

  • Author Website (Lite)

  • Social Media Starter

  • 2 hours of Promotional Coaching

Bundled Price: $999

Smash Hit

Smash Hit Book Promotion Bundle FriesenPress

At the end of the day, selling your book comes down to attracting an audience. People can’t buy what they don’t know about. With the Smash Hit bundle you’ll have an important set of skills and tools that will help you to attract, engage, and convince your audience to invest in your book. This powerful bundle includes:

  • Personalized Book Promotion Plan

  • Author Website (Plus)

  • Social Media Plus

  • 2 hours of Promotional Coaching

  • Kirkus or Clarion Book Review

  • Postcards & Bookmarks

  • Amazon Author Bio Page Support

Bundled Price: $1949

For even more detail about how we can guide you to success, chat with our Publishing Consultants at 1.800.792.5092 or fill out the form to schedule a call.